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The Bearer/The Dichotomy

Initial artist statement:

My imagery is inspired by the shapes and sensations of flowing water, water can be an understated emotional element sensitive to its surroundings yet and intrinsic part of it. It spills from the core of the earth and inflates living bodies. The figures in my paintings are inspired by real people in my life, who through their inherent vulnerability and openness have left a lasting impact of strength. Having mentally lived too long in a corporeal reality turning towards a more metaphysical understanding of self and relationships presents the dichotomy of being overwhelmed yet enchanted, Intuitive yet new.

Img - The Bearer
The Bearer 20 x 30 inches, oil on canvas
Img - The Dichotomy
The Dichotomy 23.5 x 27.5 inches, oil on canvas

Artist introspection coming out while chatting to a friend about these two paintings over text:

“I really like your thoughts, I even took notes, I am glad that the idea of “water as life” came across. It is about the body being represented through elements like water, earth, space, kind of like experiencing life by seeing yourself in nature. I used to spend a lot of time at the beach with a loved one in Karachi, and he is an Aquarius, so thats kind of what I was thinking about when I was making the blue painting, I thought that ‘the water bearer’ was such an interesting symbol and in a way so beautiful, It was like a moment of peace, in all the craziness and instability of the world around us and our jobs, lives, family stresses. But those moments when we were intellectually in sync was heaven, like divine knowledge, it kind of made Karachi the best place on earth, like magic, and lol when I left for a bit and now he’s out of town we remembered oh ya Karachi otherwise is kind of shit, not shit but one just faces so many daily annoyances. And so with the water barer it’s like the water is carrying the vessel, the vessel is also in this organic voluptuous human form. Terracotta clay vessels are usually moulded with water. It made me appreciate nature’s sensibilities and altruism and kind of trust in my environment again, something that I had to re learn, like the way children fall in love.

The yellow painting was yes about the womb, seat, pelvis, of the body built out of rock and earth, like land formations or constellations, it’s interesting that you used the word ‘divine feminine’ I think that is very apt. But somehow the birds circulating around the spine, shows she centres life but also may be overwhelmed, or dizzying. Opposites exists in the painting in many ways eg. compositionally and in the dark to bright colours. In a way it’s a depiction of a complex person channeling the divine feminine but also simply being human.”